We are a company driven by the passion for technology, business and the desire for innovation.


We create custom solutions, from ideation to market testing.

We plan the full structure of your solution, detailing and specifying its functionality according to your business strategy and the best design practices, UX and UI. We guarantee constant high quality deliveries and added value.


Agile methodology and processes for high performance.

All of our designs are crafted with the best and most modern technologies available. We have processes based on scrum and agile methods and sprint designs aimed to potentiate the creation of great applications and MVPs with lower development time.

Core Values


We want to materialize high impact actions to the world, providing value for clients and contributors.

Work with the best

We always seek the best result, the best professionals and the best projects.

Go beyond expected

Always think big and outside the box, with astonishing results.

Clients as part of the team

We work in partnership with the client, with owner spirit putting their business in the first place.

Constant evolution

Our teams and projects are constantly developing and improving.

Our story

Codus was founded in late 2011 by computer engineers Bruno Bueno and Vinicius Oyama, both graduated from USP’s Polytechnic School after years of experience in companies such as IBM, Taqtile, Software Express and Infosimples.

The motivation was to create a work environment highly focused on learning new technologies, where everyone shared the desire to be the best, developing high quality projects and systems.

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